Idaho HVAC Training

An Idaho winter can get down into the low 20s in temperature,  making an education in heating, ventilation and air conditioning a potentially lucrative study. Idaho HVAC Schools offer a number of career possibilities in the workforce. Where there are schools, shopping centers, hospitals, homes, and businesses, there will be a need for HVAC technicians.

If you’re sitting at the base of the American Falls and looking out across the country you can realize that Idaho is a fine place to start a career. From the tops of Trinity Mountain at nine thousand, five hundred feet down to the Lewis and Clark highway, you can find nothing but beautiful land in which to practice your craft. There are a few schools to choose from in Idaho to get trained to be an HVAC technician. To understand the state, you have to understand the history. The economy of Idaho originally started from the gold mining that took place in the 1860’s. The first store that was ever built in the state was the WA Hyde, H-y-d-e, that first opened its doors in 1864. If somebody gets too cold in the winter, they do have the famous lava hot springs to warm up but what most people really want is a home that can be well heated and well ventilated for the long Idaho winters.

Idaho winters are famous for being brutal, families and especially the elderly and the sick can actually perish if their homes are not heated and ventilated properly in the winter time. Summers in Idaho are not as big of a problem because although it can get warm, it doesn’t have the heat extremes that some states do. You have to remember that the people that lived back in the 1800’s in what now are the ghost towns of Silver City and Gold Ridge never had any heating in the wintertime other than possibly an old wood burning stove. There’s a lot of responsibility being an HVAC tech in the state of Idaho and so it’s important to be educated well so that you can serve the other people in your state and take good care of them.

HVAC Schools in Idaho

There are a handful of technical schools in Idaho that offer everything from HVAC certificate programs to 4-year Bachelor’s of Applied Science degrees. Additionally, there are several online HVAC programs that offer accreditation.

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HVAC School Listings in Idaho


College of Southern Idaho

Location: Twin Falls, ID

Programs: 1-year First professional degree or 2-year Associate’s degree in A/C, Refrigeration/ Heating Technology

Tuition: $990-$7,040


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College of Western Idaho

Location: Nampa, ID

Programs: HVAC Apprenticeship & HVAC Upgrade short-term certificate classes

Tuition: $1873


Eastern Idaho Technical College

40-hour/week apprenticeship and evening classes

Location: Idaho Falls, ID

Programs: HVAC Apprenticeship Program (144 hrs/year) for Associates of Applied Science Degree for Apprentices and Journeymen

Tuition: $750-$1000


Lewis-Clark State College

Location: Lewiston, ID

Programs: Heating, Air Conditioning, and Appliance Technology – 1 (certificate), 2 (Associate’s) & 4-year (Bachelor’s) programs

Tuition: $5900- $23,600 (in state)


North Idaho College

Location: Coeur d’Alene, ID

Programs: HVAC Professional-Technical Program – Technical Certificate



Online Technical Schools


Pinnacle Career Institute

Programs: HVAC Technician Certificate Program


Ashworth College

Programs: Heating and Air Conditioning


Penn Foster Career School

Programs: HVACR Technician




2013 Occupational Employment Statistics in Idaho showed that HVAC Mechanics and Installers made an annual mean wage of $38, 730. The national annual mean wage in 2013 was $46,110, with greater annual mean wage in California, New York and Pennsylvania.